The portfolio has been split into four easy to navigate sections, one for cakes, one for cupcakes, one for gourmet items, and one specially focused on items details on the cakes...

I hope you enjoy. (click the pictures for greater details)

Party Cake "Deliciously Decadent Donut Cupcake with Caramel Frosting with Creme de Pirouline Artisan rolled wafer". A very richly flavored cupcake-
Party Cake "My Charmingly Sweet Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcake (the cookie is inside and a nice surprise) with whipped cream topping and mini chocolate chips to garnish. A crowd pleaser, indeed!"
Party Cake "Introducing the "Clever Churro Cupcake"- Great for Cinco de Mayo or any other occasion. Delightful in all its goodness with cinnamon and sugar! Whipped topping makes this cupcake deliciously complete!"
Party Cake " Introducing the "Oh So Good Oreo Cookie Cupcake"--I created a devils' food batter with a dreamy cookie inside. Vanilla Buttercream contains crushed Oreos. "
Party Cake "Sassy Pink Lemonade Cupcakes"- cupcakes are pink lemonade flavored with REALpink lemonade! The pink lemonade frosting makes a delightful, refreshing finish!!"
Party Cake Introducing "The Ultimately Smooth Chocolate Pie" with decadent heavy whipping cream lightly dusted with cocoa powder. This pie's filling is extremely rich yet creamy (sorry, folks! I had to use whole milk and yolks for the filling; heavy cream for the whipping cream)-VERY palate friendly!!!!!!!!!!"
Party Cake Introducing "Crazy for Coconut Cupcake"- The cupcake is coconut, and the frosting is vanilla buttercream (coconut would have been overpowering) with coconut and dragees to decorate.